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45 Second Desk Workout

Amanda demonstrating a forearm stretch.

In self-isolation? Working from home? Doing online school work? Whatever situation you’re in, I’m guessing your routine is upset, your desk is different to the one at work or school and you’re finding it hard to concentrate and keep focused. Sound familiar?

These are challenging times for us all in different ways but I know when I’m working from home, I find I get distracted easily, I end up working from the couch with my laptop on my lap or I get engrossed in what I am doing and find I haven’t moved in hours! I start to feel very sore in the hips, back, neck and shoulders. I get headaches, I don’t sleep well and feel pretty blah!

There are so many things happening in this scenario. Poor posture means I am not breathing well and then blood is not circulating fully through my brain and body. My joints are in strange and less than ideal positions for extended periods and my muscles are either being lengthened for periods of time or shortened in unnatural positions. All of this leads to discomfort, inefficient use of our body and brain, fatigue and ultimately injury.

And, it’s so easy to prevent!

Follow these simple tips and I will absolutely guarantee you will feel a lot better at the end of the day and you will have got more work done too!

First of all, set up your work space to suit YOU.

Make sure you have room to move. Your feet are flat on the floor with your back supported in the back of the chair.

The computer monitor or laptop screen is eye height. This is important to avoid neck and eye strain. Be careful if you wear multifocal glasses that you set it up for when you are looking through the correct part of the lens!

Ensure you can support your forearms

Lastly, get a drink bottle or a glass of water near you that you can sip at regularly. Water is so important to keep the brain hydrated and working efficiently.

Break regularly.

At work you probably move around the office much more than you realise. Take a break, a quick walk, a toilet break, or a drink every HALF HOUR. This realigns your body, lengthens and mobilises muscles, nerves, joints and circulates oxygen and blood throughout the body. It’s like a cleanser for the body! Oh and wash your hands – it’s been half an hour!!

Lastly, while you’re taking a break, writing an email or assignment or reading, keep as much of your body moving as possible.

Here’s a few simple stretches to do while at the desk.

Neck retractions

Neck rotations

Thoracic extension

Thoracic Rotation

Knee extensions

Forearm stretches

Lumbar flexion

Lumbar extension

Pelvic tilting

Shoulder rolls

You can see all these on the video link here.

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