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What is it we do?

(apart from enjoy great coffee thanks to our amazing barossa coffee houses!!)



Physiotherapists are trained to assess musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, and formulate a diagnosis from that assessment.  We see all ages, and people in all stages of life.



In conjunction with the client, we develop a management plan that can include hands-on treatment, exercises, the use of electrophysical agents and dry needling.


Exercise as therapy

Physiotherapists are skilled in providing guidance and instruction in the safest and most appropriate exercises to relieve pain, assist recovery and also prevent recurrence.  We also provide Certified Cancer Rehabilitation.



Our experience and training means we can provide timely and professional advice, and can help direct clients to resources that are safe and reliable.


Advanced Dry Needling

We are all trained in Advanced Dry Needling for pain relief, using acupuncture needles as a treatment option when deemed appropriate, safe and providing we have your consent.


Splinting & Hand Therapy

Our practice has physios skilled in making custom splints, fitting bought splints, and providing hand therapy after injury, surgery or neurological conditions.


Pain Science

Understanding pain, particularly persistent (sometimes called chronic) pain is paramount to getting relief, and our physios are using ground-breaking therapies to assist clients.



Whether it's for sport, pre-employment, fitness, workplace design or posture, we can help assist individuals or companies with a professional assessment and recommended interventions.

What is it we do?: Product
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