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What to Expect

At your first visit, your Physio will take a history and examine the area getting treated. In conjunction with you, they will determine the best treatment options which may include but not limited to joint manipulation, massage, exercise prescription, dry needling or ultrasound.
Our Physios love education so rest assured they will be happy to answer any of your questions and give you insight to your condition.

Standard appointments, including most initials, are booked for 30 minutes. Please note some subsequent appointments may not need this full time but you can expect to be seen for at least 15 minutes. 
If you are wanting 2 areas looked at, please book a double appointment. 
An initial appointment for one of our focus areas will require an hour for in-depth consultation, usually subsequent appointments are 30 minutes but your Physio will discuss this with you.

  • Do I need a referral?
    Not to see us privately. If you are wanting to see us through a Medicare plan, DVA or WorkCover then you will need a doctors referral. If you have been given any referrals or letters from your doctor or other allied health professionals, we will gladly accept these.
  • What should I wear/bring?
    Please wear comfortable clothing or something that is easily accessible to the area of treatment. If you have any letters, scans or referrals relevant to the treatment area then please bring these along with you.
  • How much will my appointment cost?
    A standard initial appointment is $100 & subsequent appointments are $80. Hour appointments for focus areas (Dizziness, Cancer Rehab, Headaches & Jaw) are $160 Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Plans (EPC) are $95 If we haven't seen you for 12 months, or you're coming in for a new condition, you will be billed as an initial consult. Different rates apply for NDIS, WorkCover & DVA. We also offer pension rates, just show us your card.
  • Do you bulk bill?
    Unfortunately, no. Full payment is required at the time of your appointment.
  • Do you have HICAPS?
    Yes! We accept all private health funds, just make sure you bring your card in for us to swipe, then you only need to pay the gap. If you forget your private health card, you will be required to pay in full and we can give you a receipt for you to claim manually. You can check directly with your health fund to see how much they will cover. The codes are 500 for initial, 505 for subsequent, 506 for long, and 560 for group classes.
  • I see you are a Health Partners preferred provider. What does this mean?
    We work with Health Partners to keep more of your dollars in your pockets. They pay a bigger rebate which means your gap is typically lower than other providers. Our fees are also lower for members, which has been set by Health Partners. These fees are $82 for an initial appointment, and $68 for subsequent.
  • Do you work with NDIS, MVA, DVA, WorkCover?
    We are more than happy to see you if you are involved with any of these services however there are some differences with invoices. See below for more information. NDIS: We will need a copy of your plan/service agreements, and approval from your plan manager (if plan managed). MVA: We are unable to send invoices to insurance companies. You will be required to pay for your appointment in full and we will provide a receipt for you to claim yourself. DVA: We will need a D904 form or similar referral from your doctor. WorkCover: We will need a Work Capacity Certificate (WCC) from your doctor. We will also need your claim number and details of your claim manager & agent for billing.
  • My doctor has given me a Medicare Care Plan, what does this mean?
    Also known as an Enhanced Primary Care Plan, entitles you to 5 visits per year across multiple Allied Health Professions for chronic conditions. We are required by Medicare to have a copy of this plan, which states the area of treatment and how many visits you can have with us. These are charged differently and are $90 for each appointment. As we are not set up to bulk bill, you will be required to pay the full amount upfront and we will process your Medicare reimbursement of $58. This is usually in your account within 24 hours.
  • Do you offer home visits?
    Unfortunately we are unable to offer home visits, but we do offer Telehealth. Please call us on 8562 3441 to see if this may be an option for you. There is wheelchair access at the rear of the building.
  • How many appointments will I need?
    Everyone is different. Some people may only need 1-2 treatments, others may need regular treatments for a few years. Your Physio will discuss treatment options, and expectations with you at your appointment.
  • I am interested in the Head & Jaw Clinic, what is this?
    Some of our Physios have completed extra training to treat complex conditions such as TMJ (jaw) dysfunction, headaches, and dizzy & vestibular disorders. Please advise us when booking what area we will be treating for you so we can ensure you are booked with the correct physio, and appointment type. For more information click below.
  • I have more questions or feedback, who can I contact?
    If you have any other questions, please call us on 8562 3441 and we'd be happy to help. Please send any feedback to
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