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Floor Based Groups

Groups are physio-led to assist each participant to achieve their rehab or exercise goals. 

They are capped at no more than five participants generally.

We are also super excited to introduce our reformer which your physio may incorporate into classes.

Floor based classes are run in a small group, as a form of rehabilitative exercise that involves whole body movements to help strengthen the main postural muscles.  We incorporate a variety of exercise techniques - from Pilates including Reformer Pilates, or bands, balls and body weight to challenge strength, balance and flexibility. 

If you haven't done classes with us before or it's been a while since we have seen you, then you will need to complete one on one sessions with either Melissa or Amanda first. Then you can book into one of our classes.



Current classes are:

    10 am Monday

    5:15 pm Monday

5:15 pm Tuesday

    11.30 am Wednesday

    1 pm Thursday 

    5:30 pm Thursday 

Class sizes are capped so bookings are essential.  

Other class times may be available if sufficient interest is shown.

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