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Exercises to do in Isolation

Click on the image to download a PDF of the exercises

If you’re looking for something to do while you are not allowed out of the house to try and keep fit while you can’t go to your regular classes and gym sessions, here are some easy exercises for you whole body to help keep both your mind and body active.

With any new exercise program start easy and work your way up. If they are too easy for your fitness level you can make them harder with weights and increasing how many rotations/sets or repetitions you do.

Fitness level - Medium

Try 30 seconds of each exercise at your pace. If you are quite unfit maybe just start with 10 reps or 10 seconds of each.

  • Star Jumps

  • Squats – Variations – Sit to stands, single leg squats

  • Push ups – Wall push ups, Push ups on knees, hold weight while squatting

  • Calf raise – single leg calf raise, balancing on one leg

  • Step ups – Vary the height of the step

  • Biceps curls

  • Triceps dips

  • Plank

  • Running on the spot

  • Lunges

  • Side lunge

  • Right side plank

  • Left side plank

For your first session leave it there (just one set).

When you feel fit enough, have a 1 minute break and repeat for a second set.

Aim for 3 sets once you get fit enough.

If you would like the exercises in a handy document, click on the picture or here for the PDF exercise sheet.

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