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Physiotherapy for Concussion

Getting a knock to the head during sport is always a worry. Thankfully most people now know that it is NEVER to be ignored, and First Aiders are all taught to take this injury very seriously. If you have had a knock, there is a chance you may have a concussion so it is important that you are assessed by a Medical professional to have this correctly assessed.

If you do have a concussion, and you have symptoms that linger after 48 hours, you could have Post-Concussion Syndrome.

Symptoms of Post-Concussion Syndrome include:

  • Symptoms: somatic (eg, headache), cognitive (eg, feeling like in a fog) and/or emotional symptoms (eg, lability, more emotional)

  • Physical signs (eg, loss of consciousness, amnesia, neurological deficit)

  • Balance impairment (eg, gait unsteadiness)

  • Behavioural changes (eg, irritability)

  • Cognitive impairment (eg, slowed reaction times, poor concentration)

  • Sleep/wake disturbance (eg, drowsiness, altered sleep patterns)

Whilst some rest is important, you don’t have to just “wait” for the symptoms to go away.

Active rehabilitation is recommended by the International Consensus Statement of Concussion in Sport. It may help you get better more quickly and may eliminate any cumulative effects of subsequent concussions.

(see all the recommendations here)

Here at Barossa Physiotherapy we can provide Concussion Rehab, which includes: