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The Italian Headache Symposium that came to us!!

Through the month of July, Tania and Amanda attended the 2nd Watson Headache Institute International Symposium 2020 online. It was originally meant to be in Italy but with COVID-19 it was redeveloped into an online conference.

There were lots of local and international speakers covering all topics related to headache and migraine including Dr Dean Watson.

Some of the topics the speakers covered included:

  • cervical arterial dissection,

  • psychological factors and how they impact on headache,

  • post-concussion syndrome,

  • temporomandibular disorders,

  • Arnold Chiari malformation

  • the current research and evidence for migraine and headache treatment.

It was a very informative conference with over 10 hours of presentations. If you suffer from headaches, Tania and Amanda would be more than happy help you explore if Physiotherapy is the key to reducing or eliminating them. Kate is our Jaw (temporomandibular) physio, so she can also help with that area of pain and dysfunction.

We have really enjoyed having access to so much great quality online learning, and have upgraded our office area to facilitate this in the future....looking forward to no more crowding around small screens!


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