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Hydrotherapy is Coming to Barossa Physiotherapy Clients!!

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is the term used to describe the wide range of therapeutic and exercise activities which are carried out in heated pools. The water temperature of the pool is a lot warmer than a typical swimming pool with the water being between 32-36 degrees. ‘Hydrotherapy’ is recommended to be a term used for the general activities which occur in a pool however, Aquatic Physiotherapy is a specialised area which assesses the limitations of the individual and provides an individualised treatment program. Aquatic physiotherapy may involve individual treatment in a one to one situation or may be undertaken in groups or classes. It may be used alone or in conjunction with other rehabilitation practices. It is recommended that individuals have a land based physiotherapy assessment/screen prior to the commencement of aquatic physiotherapy.

What are the benefits of hydrotherapy?

  1. Both mechanical and thermal factors affect the process of healing and hydrotherapy uses both of these factors

  2. The sensations from the water stimulate our immune system by releasing hormones, improving digestion and improving blood circulation.

  3. Can help to aid in a more effective sleep from the waters natural properties to help the body and mind relax without medications.

  4. If we are immersed in cold water our body’s internal activity increases whereas being in heated water our organs tend to slow down creating a relaxing effect.

  5. The buoyancy effect of water is crucial for the therapeutic effects during exercises. It has been discovered that almost 90% of your body weight is reduced while in the water which makes hydrotherapy an effective intervention for many conditions.

  6. Hydrotherapy can improve balance and falls risk, due to the water adding a level of safety for you to practice your balance exercises!

Who would benefit from individual aquatic physiotherapy?

The aim of individual Aquatic Physiotherapy is to aid in the rehabilitation of neurological, cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal and psychological function of the individual. Aquatic physiotherapy is often used in conjunction with land based physiotherapy interventions. This form of treatment often includes demonstration and correction or facilitation of motor relearning and desired movement patterns. Many people would benefit from an individualized aquatic physiotherapy program. The following conditions are just some examples of those that would benefit greatly from aquatic physiotherapy;

  • osteoarthritis,

  • chronic back pain,

  • rheumatoid arthritis,

  • total hip replacement,

  • total knee replacement,

  • post knee arthroscopy,

  • post ACL reconstruction,

  • post meniscal repair,

  • total shoulder replacement,

  • post-ankle reconstruction,

  • impaired balance and risk of falling,

  • cancer conditions,

  • pulmonary or cardiovascular conditions and

  • neuro-rehabilitation.

Who would benefit from group aquatic physiotherapy?

The group sessions would suit the needs associated with mobility for the elderly, pregnancy, general fitness and people with arthritis. These classes are individually tailored yet supervised groups where a group of individuals perform specific programs designed for their pathology, rehabilitation or recovery requirements. A group session will have less one-to-one time with the leading physiotherapist when compared to individual aquatic physiotherapy.

Where will Aquatic Physiotherapy take place with Barossa Physiotherapy?

Aquatic Physiotherapy at Barossa Physiotherapy will take place at the brand new Community Hydrotherapy Pool, Barossa Village. This facility incorporates changing rooms, breakout rooms, pool concourse showers, sling hoist and stairs with rails. This brand new $1.6 million facility has only been made possible from the support of the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science through its Building Better Regions fund.

Location: Atze Parade, Nuriootpa

Size: 15m x 5m

Depth: 1m to 1.5m

Access: Stairs with rails and sling hoist

If aquatic physiotherapy sounds like something you would be interested in please call us on ph (08) 8562 3441 to book an appointment!

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