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Cancer Rehabilitation.....Why???

A few years ago I spotted an advertisement in a Physio journal for training to become a "PINC" Pilates Physio. It sounded very glamorous. I put an application together and sent it through to be considered for a scholarship that the provider was offering to rural physiotherapists....and so began my relationship with The Pinc and Steel Institute.

Fast forward to today, and I am soon to commence my third year of undergoing training - this time to compliment my Pinc Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapist Certification with their male-focused arm "Steel".

But why Cancer Rehabilitation??

Because it saves lives.

Because it can make life worth living.

Because how can we expect people to be faced with possibly the biggest and most complicated health challenge in their lives without offering them an evidence-based rehab solution that improves survivorship, treatment effectiveness, treatment compliance and post-treatment capacity!!

No one would have a joint replacement and not be sent for orthopaedic rehab and even prehab.

No one would come out of heart surgery and not be sent to cardiac rehab.

No one would have a stroke and not expect neuro rehab.

No one should miss out on Cancer rehab.

It's that simple.

Take some time to ponder the numbers listed below, and if you know someone with a cancer diagnosis, please contact us. It is never too early (or too late) to start cancer rehabilitation.

It could be the one thing that makes all the difference.

No one should miss out......that's why!


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