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Barossa Physio Home-based Netball Workout No. 1

Remember those traditional rival face-offs? Ahh, those were the days!

While there is no netball club training, as players, you will be keen to maintain the fitness and skills you have been training for all through the summer and/or pre-season. At Barossa Physio, we know how important physical fitness and activity are to our mental and physical health and how big a part sport plays in our lives.

We have created a set of short exercise programs, with the exercises specifically targeted to the fitness requirements for netball, that you can do in your own home, on your veranda or back lawn or inside the house if space. You can maintain your training with 2-3 sessions/week, working as hard as you want with the programs provided – either using one because you like it best, or mixing them up to add variety. Each program has a different set of objectives/goals. No ball skills, sorry, just fitness work specific for netball. Minimal equipment is needed and only a small amount of space.

The programs is based on the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) principles, which have been demonstrated to provide excellent physical fitness outcomes in a very short time-frame with a program that matches the description. The concept of HIIT is that working at super-high intensity(eg 80% capacity) for short intervals, with relative rest periods in between is more effective for heart health and the benefits can be seen in very short time-frames.

(see here for a quick and simple overview of the science behind HIIT).

So, let’s go:

Program #1 – Skipping

Skipping has always been good exercise in preparation for netball as it requires quick footwork, leading to improved agility, it involves your whole body, as your arms work hard with spinning the rope and you have to maintain good body posture or your feet will trip up the skipping rope. You work hard when you skip well.

If you haven’t skipped since you were a kid, now is the time to get out that old skipping rope, or purchase one and get started. You need a good quality skipping rope to start with – a leather ‘rope’ has better weight and good quality handles. You need to remind yourself of the basic technique of skipping for efficiency before undertaking a high intensity skipping workout – standing up tall, hands down by your side, on your toes, lifting your feet up high enough not to catch your toes in the rope all the time. You need to master maintaining a steady state alternate foot skip routine before starting this high intensity one.

Give it a go, see how you like it!