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Striding for Stroke

Did you know stroke kills more women than breast cancer and more men than prostate cancer?

As a community, Cancer is well recognised for its devastating effect on individuals and families, yet few people think about stroke until it touches their life. This is despite the fact that every 9 minutes a stroke attacks the brain of someone in Australia. It does happen - and it happened to my family. My father had a devastating stroke a few years ago, which took an independent, vibrant and active 74 year old and relegated him to a wheelchair, fully dependent for all his care needs. To compound the severity of this incident, it also happened in rural South Australia, so he was unable to be retrieved in time to receive any acute interventions that may have improved his outcome.

For this reason, I’ve signed up to raise funds in #Stride4stroke this November. Can you help me and my team?

As a workplace, we have set the ambitious goal of raising $600 whilst striding 1000km between us! (yes, my glutes are already complaining, but thanks to new shoes I am not battling blisters). The regular exercise will also help reduce each of our stroke risk.

The money will support the Stroke Foundation who undertake research around stroke treatment and prevention, provide services to support stroke sufferers and their families, run community stroke prevention initiatives and are striving to provide better treatments for stroke.

We have started a couple of fundraising initiatives:

Guess the number of lollies in the jar - only $1 per guess. If you can't get to us, you could donate the money online via our fundraising page and let us know your guess/es so we can add you to the list.

We are also selling Pilates socks - great for any floor-based exercise (like Pilates or yoga) but also grippy for those who like to walk around on slippery floors without shoes!! We have stripy styles plus one pair of black left in stock at the moment, but can order other styles if there is enough interest! The socks are $15 per pair, and $6 from each sale will go toward our Stride for Stroke fundraiser. Currently they are in Small (suits ladies shoe size 5-8) and Medium (size 8-12). They would make great stocking fillers - my daughters have already left me a not-so-subtle hint!!

Finally, if you would like to join our team and help us reach 1000km whilst at the same time motivating yourself to get out walking, you can jump on our fundraising page and join up via the link. We have team members who are walking individually, and some of us (well, mainly just Amanda, but this month I promise to get there) also meet 7:45am each Saturday at Nuriootpa Parkrun for an enjoyable 5km walk or run around the bush garden - check out their website if you are interested.

So if you can help in any way we would really appreciate it.

Thankyou on behalf of the Barossa Physiotherapy Stride for Stroke team!

Move well, stay well.

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