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SAOPN Conference Summary

On Sunday 24th June Jerome, Kate and Amanda traveled down to Adelaide for the 2018 South Australian Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Network Conference. They heard from lots of great speakers on the current research in orthopaedic physiotherapy.

Like, Emily Boundy who spoke about what is unique about chronic pain management in paediatrics compared to adults. Dr Irina Hollington explored effective peri-operative pain management for orthopaedic surgery and how to comprehensively address the problem of at several stages with a multi-D team at all stages: preoperatively, peri-operatively in hospital, and postoperatively in an outpatient setting. Janet Dindler spoke about complex regional pain syndrome and the most up to date treatment options available. Assoc. Prof Justine Naylor investigated the current research on total knee arthroplasty and total hip arthroplasty. While Jo Kemp spoke about the evidence for managing early hip osteoarthritis. Ben Corso discussed shoulder treatment and the associated clinical evidence. Tim Bass shared which treatment techniques he uses to treat the lower back pain and the post op care following spinal fusion. Chris Leung demonstrated how telehealth could be used to help with physiotherapy rehabilitation for people living in rural and remote areas. Triton Tunis-Mitchell talked about how apps can be used in physiotherapy.

The main theme that followed through the day was the importance of exercises in the pre-operative and post-operative care of people with orthopaedic conditions.

It was a very informative and interesting day that Jerome, Kate and Amanda are looking forward to going to again next year.

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