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First Aid for Back Pain

Firstly, don't panic!! Whilst back pain is terrible, it is also a common experience, and for most people it will resolve or greatly improve within 24-48 hours.

In case of sudden onset of acute pain, the following may help:

  • Immediately lie face down. If this is impossible because of pain intensity, rest in bed and attempt exercises the next day

  • Perform Exercises 1 and 2 once (holding for up to 3 minutes), and then 3 times. Repeat this sequence every two hours during your waking hours

  • If the pain is more to one side and not reducing, move hips away from the painful side and do Exercises 2 and 3

  • Hold exercise 3 for only 2-3 seconds each time

  • Avoid all movements that aggravate symptoms

  • Do not slouch or bend forward for three to four days

  • Use a small cushion or Lumbar roll for support when sitting and driving

  • Try using a rolled towel around your waist when resting in bed

Reference: “Treat Your Own Back” 7th Edition, Spinal Publications, Robin McKenzie, p. 117.

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