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Wearable Technology Woes

So I tried a little experiment (being the science/tech/human body nerd that I am) and went for a walk wearing a Fitbit and a Garmin Forerunner 10 plus my phone in my pocket (yes I looked super-cool all geared up). Trying to work out which tech will suit my needs. Things were a little inconsistent. My Fitbit said I walked 3.01km and 4109 steps, but the phone only recognised 2.6km and 3667 steps. The phone did recognise my awesome effort of pushing up the hills, however, acknowledging my 9 floors climbed (👏 thank you). So the Garmin, I hear you ask? 3.32km (winning) but only 133 calories burned! Fitbit gave me 834 calories, so I ate a couple chocolate chip biscuits to celebrate. Don’t tell the Garmin!!! Looks like I will have to keep walking with all three. In conclusion: Research 0-Biscuit Tin 2.

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