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Barossa Sports and Remedial Massage

Charmaine Grieger

Charmaine from Barossa Sports & Remedial Massage is a highly skilled and experienced massage therapist. She works with individuals on specific conditions and health outcomes, as well as athletes and movement professionals.

In a typical session you may experience a range of soft tissue and movement based assessment and treatment techniques. Often the cause of discomfort is far from where an issue is experienced so Charmaine looks at the body in its entirety, as a complex and interconnected neuro-myo-fascial system, seeking out and addressing the cause of your issues.

Barossa Sports & Remedial Massage specialise in:

  • Remedial Massage

  • Sports Massage

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

  • Hot Stone Deep Tissue Massage

  • Oncology Massage

For more information about the services Charmaine offers or to book you can visit her website below

Tania Materne: TeamMember
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