Student Days!

For the last couple of years, in collaboration with Uni SA and the Division of Rural Health we have been enjoying the process of having a Physiotherapy student. They are usually in their final year, consolidating learning and getting exposure to the many and varied clients we see on a daily basis. We do this for a number of reasons:

  • We believe that working in private practice in the country provides some of the most varied and interesting client load. We see anything and everything - so learning to problem solve is vital.

  • There are great rewards for us as clinicians - we get to share our knowledge but also learn from our students who have the most up-to-date theory and often new ideas that challenge us!

  • Giving back to our profession is also one of our goals. We all love being physios and want the future workforce to continue providing the utmost care for our community.

  • Our students are also very useful - they bring a new energy to our practice and we love to see them take on classes, projects and clients with enthusiasm and share our workload.

All of this does, of course, rely on the generosity of YOU as our clients. We are so thankful for your patience in allowing students to learn from you, and we also love your feedback (which we are generally pretty excited to pass on to the students - it's nice when the feedback is reassuring for them).

So for the next few weeks, we welcome Brandon to our team. He has generously agreed to introduce himself, and we hope you enjoy having him around as much as we are. He is available for clinic appointments for the next 3 weeks.


Hi, my name is Brandon and I’m a final year physiotherapy student at UniSA and I’m currently undertaking my rural placement at Barossa Physiotherapy. I was born in South Africa but moved to the Barossa at a young age with my parents. I graduated from Nuriootpa High School in 2009 and I have continued to live and work in the Barossa Valley for the last 10 years. I am very passionate about my role as a physiotherapy student and have a particular interest in treating musculoskeletal conditions involving the head, neck and jaw. When I’m not studying, I love to go mountain bike riding in Pewsey Vale, watch Formula 1 racing and enjoy cooking a BBQ with friends and family.