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Hello James!

My name is James, and I am currently a 2nd year Physiotherapy Student at the University of South Australia and from the 10th through to the 28th of September, I am undertaking my first clinical placement at Barossa Physiotherapy.

I have just finished my first week of placement and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far.

I have already seen a diverse range of patients and their presenting conditions/injuries along with participating in Pilates and yoga classes. Throughout my 3-week placement block at Barossa Physiotherapy I am hoping to expand my knowledge base, and begin to apply the knowledge I have already gained in my first two years of study.

I hope to also further my communication and questioning skills through patient interaction and if the opportunity presents, I am also hoping to run some aspects of a Pilates or balance class.

I am very fortunate to be learning and absorbing information from five highly skilled physiotherapists. They have all been very welcoming and so willing to pass on their knowledge and tricks of the trade!

I look forward to continuing to learn and engage with them, and watch as they go about their consultations each day.

I would like to thank the Barossa Physiotherapy patients who have been kind enough to allow me to sit in on their appointments.

And of course, I am very appreciative of Barossa Physiotherapy for having me, and allowing me to participate and be a part of their day-to-day practice for three weeks.

I look forward to meeting some of you!

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