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Head & Jaw Clinic

Headaches & Migraine

Tania and Amanda have done further training in the treatment of headaches through Dean Watson, creator of the Watson Headache Clinic and owner of the Watson Headache Institute.
Amanda has completed the Level 2 Consolidation Watson Headache course and Tania has completed the Level 3 Certification Watson Headache course and as such is a Level 3 Certified Practitioner.
For the effective management of headaches and migraines people generally require up to 5 visits over 3 weeks and then at less frequent intervals after that until the headache or migraine has gone or improved to a manageable level. If you think we can help with the treatment of your headaches or migraines, call the clinic to make an appointment.

Vertigo & Dysequilibrium

Have you had:

  • dizziness or vertigo

  • reduced balance

  • "fogginess" in the head

  • concussion 

  • falls or a bump to the head

  • "jiggly" vision

  • reduced concentration?

You might benefit from an assessment by Melissa Smith, our "Dizzy Physio".  

Temporo-Mandibular Dysfunction

TMD is any problem that is associated with the Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ).  

The most common symptom is pain in the jaw joint, but can also include:

  • clicking or popping

  • muscle spasm or tenderness

  • bite & alignment problems

  • headaches behind or around the eyes

  • pain that radiates to the ear, temples, neck or upper shoulder

  • grinding

  • locked or stiff joint

  • facial deformity

Jaw problems do not go away on their own so please call and ask to book an appointment with Kate if you believe you could benefit from her expertise. ​

Post-Concussion Syndrome

Post-Concussion Syndrome can include one or more of the following symptoms :

  • headache, dizziness

  • amnesia

  • unsteady gait

  • altered behaviours and moods

  • Cognitive impairment or reduced concentration

  • Sleep/wake disturbances

It is recommended by the International Consensus Statement of Concussion in Sport that individuals suffering a concussion receive Active rehabilitation.  

Rehabilitation is vital for quicker recovery and return to sport/work/school, and helps prevent the complications of multiple concussions.  Our physiotherapists are able to help diagnose Post Concussive Syndrome, and commence you on your path to recovery.

Appointments with our Head & Jaw clinic are an extended consult, usually an hour long.  

Please let staff know when you book which service you are requiring.

*Disclaimer: Barossa Physiotherapy does not endorse or encourage the use of alcohol as a management strategy for any of the above conditions. Drink in moderation, and obviously choose Barossa.